Who We Are

Critter Control of New Mexico works with you to manage and control problem wildlife that find their way onto your property. Pigeon control, mice removal and squirrel damage repair can be difficult for an untrained homeowner. Our technicians will handle all steps of wildlife management. We understand the importance of having your home returned to its original, critter-free state.


All methods of our animal removal are humane, effective and safe. We ensure the wellbeing of the wildlife animals we capture. Some wildlife will colonize in your attic, crawlspace or chimney. Our technicians work hard to remove all wildlife animals from your home and identify all points of entry.

Damage Repair

Wild animals can be very destructive when inside of a home. Extensive damage can be done within 1-2 days of intrusion. Squirrels are known to cause havoc in an attic. They will chew on wires causing potential electrical fire hazard, and use one spot as a latrine, which devalues your insulation. Our technicians will repair damages before they result in much more severe destruction.


Our proven techniques of prevention will keep your home safe from reoccurring wildlife invasions. We may implement vent screens, foundation screens, chimney caps and other barriers. Do not let other wildlife find their way into your home.. Allow our technicians to keep critters out!

Home Services

Critter Control of New Mexico offers a variety of services to help keep your home in good shape. We handle attic and insulation restoration, the removal of animal feces and carcasses, roof repairs, and much more!


The most common wildlife animals that we see issues with are pigeons, mice, sparrows, squirrels, skunks, woodpeckers, snakes, bats, pack rats and raccoons. Our technicians are experienced and provide services for these animals and more!


This franchise is independently licensed and operated by Eco Friendly Solutions, LLC, dba Critter Control of Albuquerque