Rodent Control


Are you hearing scratching in your walls? Are you finding wildlife droppings along your kitchen counters or in the corners of rooms?

You may have a rodent problem!! Rodents in the home are very difficult to control, and can put your home and health at risk. Critter Control of New Mexico will remove remove them from nd prevent them from causing damage or entering the structure.

Common Rodent Problems

Rodents inside a structure will cause great problems and damages inside of homes. Rodents will chew on anything and everything, including electrical wires! Insulation and other materials will be pulled for nest building, creating a hazard of electrical fires. Rodent droppings in your home pose a health risk and can assist in transmitting diseases.

Professional Rodent Pest Control

Critter Control of New Mexico offers rodent pest control solutions to get rid of mice, rats, and other rodents from your home. Our methods are quick, effective, and long-term. We will work hard to help keep your home rodent free. If you are finding signs of rodents in your home, call Critter Control of New Mexico for a free inspection today!