Am I dealing with a centipede or millipede?

Centipedes and millipedes are not insects or arachnids, so they fall into the phylum Arthropoda. This is where the similarities between the two stop.

Centipedes have long antennae’s, and one pair of legs per body segment that extend from the sides of the body and trail behind. Centipedes are fast runners that are mostly predatory. They have long and flat bodies, and can (and will!) bite when felt threatened. Their bites can cause an allergic reaction, which can include a painful and swollen bite area and two puncture wounds.

Millipedes have almost the complete opposite characteristics than the centipede. Millipedes have short antennae’s and two pairs of legs per body segment that do not extend from the body. The millipedes are slow walkers that are mostly scavengers. Their tube like bodies produces a chemical as their defense mechanism that smells terrible, tastes horrible, and can burn or blister your skin when touched.

Can I complete centipede pest control myself?

When you have a centipede inside of your home, you may have further problems! Centipedes like to eat insects like spiders, cockroaches, and other small arthropods. This could mean the control solution may be far more complex than you may have imagined. Calling a professional when dealing with a centipede infestation will be your best bet for an ideal control outcome.

Millipede problems come into play when they reach sexual maturity. At that age, they can begin to lay eggs… and may lay up to 300 eggs at a time!  This is what makes millipedes so difficult to control. You may never find all of the eggs or reach them all due to their nesting habits.

Why Critter Control?

Critter Control of Santa Fe offers services that will find the origin of the infestation and provide techniques that will get the critters out for good! Our technicians will inspect your home and create a unique solution of control of the pests. We will find how the centipedes or millipedes are getting into your home and create a plan of attack that will keep your family and pets happy and healthy.

We can help you get rid of centipede/millipede problems.  Call us today at (505) 545-8891.

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